4 month Milo

i feel bad that i haven't done one blog post about this little guy since he was born. Yeah he's 4 months old.  He's such a sweet natured baby. He's really happy and pretty content.  He had his 4 month appointment today, and everything is looking right on track. He smiles a lot, and has giggled a couple times at niya. He's starting to reach out and grab for his hanging toys but still doesn't quite get how to keep a hold of it when he gets it. He loves to suck on his hands, and stare at his feet. He is a major barfer. Its actually kind of horrible. If you hold him you get barfed on.  He loves to get mommys attention and try his hardest to talk. He doesn't love tummy time, and only lasts a few minutes. I've started putting him in is jumparoo, and he loves it. He's not very good at sitting in the bumbo though. The doctor commented today on what a wiggly baby he is, so i think that might have something to do with it. He's been sleeping through the night for about a month now. He'll usually go 6-8 hours without waking. We love having him around. He adds such a fun dynamic to our family. He gets lots and lots of attention from his big sister. she loves to give him kisses, and make up little nicknames for him. My personal favorite was "little gentleman guy" i have no idea where she comes up with them.
today at his appt he weighed 14lbs (33%) and was 24.5inches (36%)


36 weeks and bed rest

Today I'm 36 weeks and 1 day pregnant with baby boy, and I'm on my 4th day of bed rest. My blood pressure has been slowly climbing over the last couple of weeks so I kind of had a feeling this is where I'd end up. Dr yamashiro has been having me monitor my pressures a few times a day and wanting me to stay in the 140's/90's range. I've been able to stay right around there. As of Sunday night though I was getting readings of about 150/100 so I called the doc. Just to be on the safe side he wanted me to go into labor and delivery to be monitored. While I was there they were able to get me to come down to like 135/85! It was pretty crazy though because I got up to go to the bathroom and they shot right back up. They felt like bed rest would be the best bet to getting this baby to cook a little longer. Tuesday I went into the doctor and he felt like if I could just make it to 37 weeks he would probably induce me. So that's about where we are at now. I'm going back in to see him this afternoon so hopefully we'll set a game plan and shoot for next week, but we'll see!!


i think its love

for a long time now i have been trying to convince drew, and pretty much everyone around me that thinks mini vans are lame, that they are not lame, but in fact, they are the opposite of lame.

i guess if you hate having a car that is:

super conviennent
ridiculously spacious
a space you can actually walk around in
low enough that your kid can get in them self
doors that open with a click of a button
doors that don't bang into other doors next to them
trunk space that could fit a small elephant
the gas mileage of a sedan
a ride that is smooth as silk
and just a general feeling of well being while driving

if you hate all these things, you probably would hate a mini van

i happen to love all these things, and LOVE my new mini van

we've been searching high and low for the perfect one. we finally found it in jackson hole wyoming. i kept bugging drew to call the guy and he kept telling me that "george" wasn't calling him back. it was all part of his little plan to trick me. he had to go to idaho while i was in california, and who knew he was going to make a little jaunt up to wyoming and pick up this beauty. when i got home this was waiting for me in the garage with a bouquet of tulips, delicious chocolates, and a really sweet card. I was sooooo surprised.

too bad for everyone else, but i kind of have the best husband in the world


This last week I went to California for 1 more trip before the baby comes. Sunny and I had a little shower together with family and close friends. It was so fun! I was happy that my cousin Sarah was able to be there too. She's preggo also and due the month after sunny. Niya was in hog heaven with all the cousins and the attention from gunnie and papa. I'm 34 weeks along and things have been going pretty well thus far. Ofcourse though when I get to California my legs swell up like tree trunks and my blood pressure gets high. I'm now on strict watch with my doctor going in every week and monitoring my own blood pressure twice a day. Uughhh! It's so frustrating being pregnant and having no control what happens to your body. I guess it's all worth it in the end though:) I'm getting really excited to meet baby boy (any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated!)
6 weeks to go! Let's hope my bp stays in check so I can make until then!!!!!


getting ready for BB....finally

i feel a little bad because i haven't really paid much attention to baby boy in my belly thus far. with niya it was all i could think about. i guess niya is still all i think about. Lately i've finally felt like i need to get ready for this little boy to come. with only 8 weeks left I'm kickin it into high gear.
heres what i've been up to

making onsie designs in my silhouette 

rit dying some of niyas old stuff making it more "boy"

making little pants

mittens (i hate when babies scratch their faces!)

 some more dying and silhouette art to cover old stains :)

t shirts.
 i still haven't perfected t shirt making but I'm working on it

burp cloths

making a little quilt

and finally the bedding!

i did a different style than i did for niya. i don't think i like it as well because its 6 separate pieces instead of one long piece. also niya's had pockets. I think i'll miss those. I did however learn how to do piping:)

theres still so much i want/need to do
paint the nursery
cover the ottoman
make curtains
make a boppy cover
make a car seat canopy

im also in the middle of changing niya to a big girl room so theres that whole room that needs to get done. and lets not forget the basement that drew SWEARS will be done before the baby is born so my my will have a place to sleep when she comes.
I'm trying not to be stressed



December is always such a busy month. This year was no exception. It seems like the holiday festivities last all month. We started out the month by going to Alabama and Mississippi to attend christmas parties for drew's work, and the company christmas party here in salt lake. We did manage to get out and get a christmas tree

we didn't get to cut our own down this year much to drew's disappointment but we still got a good one

we also celebrated Grandpa georges 91st birthday with a big family party.

it was fun to get to celebrate another year with him. he's such a funny, special, and unique man

since it was our year with the quists for christmas we celebrated christmas eve in normal quist fashion,
driving around, eating pizza in the car

and looking at christmas lights. this house was my personal favorite. it was holiday blow up decoration heaven

later we went back to drew's parents and just hung out

christmas jammies is my family's tradition and i've brought it to the quists

I'm sure they just love it :)

christmas morning was, interesting. Niya had the weirdest reaction ever. she acted so excited to go down stairs to see if santa brought her a kitchen. when we actually went down there, she ran straight over to the kitchen, looked at it, and turned and ran away scared into the kitchen. she wouldn't open any presents and wouldn't play with her santa toys. I think she thought santa was going to jump out and surprise her or something. So gift opening went on without her. Finally after a while she decided it would be ok to look at her presents.

she's loved her kitchen ever since, and tells me every day
"this is my kitchen. santa brought it to me. Niya so lucky!"

drew got the surf booties he's been wanting, and a few other ridiculous things like an ice axe

he surprised me with a beautiful new mac (i LOVE it)

we had a yummy breakfast

and everyone was so happy for christmas

the rest of the day we spent going to church, going to robert and tracy's (drew's uncles) and going to Lori's (lisa's sisters)
we ate A LOT of ham that day

The day after christmas we drove to CA to celebrate with my family. We had an after christmas, christmas with them

niya loves nadia sooo much

drew thought he could just make retarded faces in every picture that night

it was a lot of fun. we had a yummy dinner, opened presents, and had our annual christmas talent show

that week in Ca we took niya to disneyland for her first time

our first ride was small world. we thought that would be a good starter for her. she was in awe the whole time

we had such a fun day. it was super crowded but still way fun

we rode pretty much all the rides that she could ride. 

i kind of forgot that most of the rides are dark and a little scary. she handled it like a trouper.
even on pirates

she loved the parade and seeing the characters from afar.

when we went to see mickey close up, she was not so stoked
i can't wait to go back when she's a little older. I think she'll love it even more


November brought some fun and exciting things. 
Like snow
who knew it would be pretty much the only good snowfall all winter so far

i've said it many times before, but Niya loves the snow

the other day she told me "mom, its snowing! It makes me so happy!!!"

we also got to go to Mexico for thanksgiving

we went with my family and stayed in nuevo vallarta at the grand luxe. Its a really beautiful resort thats brand new. 

my parents took us all there. Thanks parents :) I wish i would have taken more pictures but i guess i was too busy just enjoying myself.

on thanksgiving day we had quite an "adventure". We chartered a deep sea fishing boat for 24 hours and went searching for some big fish. The men were over joyed the women and children were nervous to say the least.

the boat was not quite the "yacht" we were expecting. it was basically just bunks hanging on the side of a boat. Above are drew and niya in our bunk

heres the view of the entire "stateroom" yep there are 4 beds there. you might not be able to notice the 2 on the ground that you basically had to army crawl to get into.

this is the common area the next morning after going miles out to sea all night. notice sunny looks a little rough. she just might have been barfing over the side all night long. she was having a bit of a panic about being on the boat and wanted us to drop her off in some mexican town. that wasn't happening. she was not happy. Nerves were definitely in full effect and we were not without sea sickies. 

i didn't even think a 2 year old could get sea sick. well i was wrong. poor little niya barfed all over me, and herself and kept saying "mommy my tummy hurts sooooo bad" poor little thing

the kids were real troupers. there really wasn't anything much for them to do. By the next afternoon the trip was beginning to be a bit of a bust. we hadn't really caught any of the big tuna that we were after. We were almost getting ready to head back when we struck gold.

the tuna started biting like crazy. drew was soooooo stoked to say the least

every single one of us got to catch one of these beauties. i didn't realize how heavy they were going to be

this is my brother shawn. he's a man of the sea, and is the one that planned this whole fishing excursion. you can imagine how happy he was when we finally had some success

look at that beast

heres drew pulling it in

my brother billy with his loot

even the kids got to catch fish. Everyone was a lot happier when we started catching fish

spirits were lifted, we all caught fish, it was an experience of a lifetime.
we will always look back a laugh about all the crazy things that happened that day

this was our grand total. pretty grand i think. the crew fillet all the fish and we all went home with a ton of fresh tuna.
i have to say its the best fish i've ever eaten

the rest of the trip was spent just lounging around

taking a trip in to town

and just enjoying being together as a family